Research and Applied Project Prospectus

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Prospectus for Research Article: 

Title: “Mental Health in American Schools: A Hidden Crisis” 

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Description: Would it be an exaggeration to claim that there is a mental health crisis today facing America’s late adolescence and emerging adults? With a simple Google search, one can uncover hundreds, possibly thousands, of articles about mental health issues currently affecting the youth of America. Evidence has shown in the last few years that this group has greater levels of stress and prominence of mental health issues than any other time in the nation’s history. Based off of this fact, it is extremely important for the school system and the nation as a whole to implement a plan of change and tackle the growing crisis before more lives are lost. This article dives deep into the problem, uncovering the hidden truth that is contributing to the growing mental health issues in today’s youth, analyzes what is being done, and addresses options for individuals who have been impacted.

Goals: This topic is extremely important because it is an actual problem that America is facing today that not many people want to have a conversation about. Mental health issues has such a negative stigma surrounding it that it is never a popular topic, but it is an issue that must be discussed and addressed in order to educate the population and initiate some sort of change in order to stop the statistics from continuing to grow. As one person, I know that I will not have the ability to create such change, but I have hopes that this research will shed a light on the crisis, educate, and raise a little awareness. The reason that I am so interested in the topic is because mental health issues is something that has impacted me personally throughout my life in several different ways. In addition, as an aspiring Social Worker, it is a topic that I want to be able to learn more about and better understand how I can advocate for individuals suffering from mental health issues. Overall, I feel this research will be personally rewarding and have a positive impact for many individuals in the Plymouth State community, as I already have many people interested in what I am doing and want to help in some way.

Conclusion: By the time that I am finished with this research and officially publish it, I have high hopes that I will be able to uncover the truth behind the skyrocketing mental health crisis in America’s youth and come up with some problem-fixing solutions with an interdisciplinary perspective. Through this journey I believe I will not only grow as a person but I will develop new skills related to mental health issues that will allow me to properly advocate and assist my future clients. Lastly, through this research I hope that individuals will be inspired to openly and actively discuss mental health issues and raise awareness on the growing problem.

Timeline: Over the next couple of weeks I am going to start researching the topic and gathering resources full of information. I will use both library resources offered here at Plymouth State as well as online sources. I have hopes to have gathered all sources and taken notes, as well as thoroughly outlined the components of the paper by the end of March. Once I finish the actual research portion of the article, I will start to draft the paper, continuously revise, and finally publish it after putting hyperlinks, images, and any other components I may want. I will thoroughly keep track of my progress through check lists and give myself personal due dates in order to not fall behind on my research.

Prospectus for Applied Project:

Title: “The American Mental Health Crisis”

Description: For this applied project I am going to create an informative/educational website displaying the research that I uncover. The website will consist of interviews from professionals knowledgeable on mental health issues in America as well as anonymous stories/responses from actual college students in order to get a full view of the crisis and its impact and allow individuals to have a voice. In addition, I want to create a short two-three minute video surrounding the topic that is educational, brings awareness, and has some sort of supportive message.

Goals: This project is important because the website will be a great educational source for individuals seeking to learn more about mental health issues as well as a great support for those impacted in some way by mental health issues. Between the information I highlight, professional interviews, anonymous stories, and video, there will be a substantial amount of information on the topic that will potentially inspire hope, educate, provide resources, and overall get people interested and wanting to speak out. Through some hard work I believe that this website could really have a lasting positive impact for many individuals in the community, my field, as well as on me.

Deliverable: As stated previously, I will be making a separate website in order to display all of this information. I will be able to link this website to my ePort as well as to my PLN for the public to see. In addition, once the website is up and functioning properly, I will be able to make an announcement post on both platforms.

Conclusion: Through this website that I am creating with all of the different components I am going to have the ability to advocate for the youth of America when it comes to mental health issues. The website is giving me the opportunity to speak out for individuals impacted by this mental health crisis, display their stories, offer resources, and overall bring awareness to an issue affecting my field. As a patient advocate, and aspiring social worker, this project matches my field perfectly and lines up with my life goals.

CC BY-ND 2.0 Derek Maguire

Timeline:  There are several components to my website – informational sections, the interviews, anonymous stories, and lastly, the video. The informational sections that are going to be displayed are going to be based off of the research that I uncover in my article, therefore, this portion can be worked out while I am gathering information the next couple of weeks. This section is basically going to contain statistics, general information on the subject, and highlight different things regarding stigma, and of course there will be resources to get help. When it comes to the interviews and anonymous stories, I want to start searching immediately for individuals and come up with some sort of system for people to be able to submit anonymous stories. This also includes advertising that I am collecting anonymous stories. Within the next couple of weeks I want to have all of the interviews lined up and a way for people to submit their work. Lastly, the video needs to be scripted out and then I need to recruit participants who will talk in it and rent out the recording space in the library. I want the video to be scripted out by the end of March so that I can focus on filming and putting it all together throughout April for it to be ready for the website by the time it needs to be up and running in May.




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  1. Makenna, looks like your research and applied Project will compliment each other. I really like the idea of archiving stories from students to round out the research. These stories let us know that we are not alone in our experiences. And I suspect, by the act of telling them we begin to take the first steps toward healing and in effect, accomplishing the goal of stripping away the damaging effects of stigmatizing mental health issues, certainly a complex topic. It will be interesting to see how those voices you help us to hear will somehow be recognized/vindicated even as they are protected and also to learn about your insights in response to both the data and the stories you collect. Looks like you’ll be considering many demographic trends such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, region, ethnicity, race, religion, politics, family structure, birth order, technology, body image, language, activity, personality traits, education, healthcare and so on. Wonderful post!

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